Waukegan History Museum at the Carnegie

Luci Creative and the Waukegan Historical Society, are working together to restore and adaptively reuse the Waukegan Carnegie Library as an expanded Waukegan History Museum. In this thoughtfully restored historic building, new facilities will support diverse programming, events, research opportunities and exhibits, offering multiple ways for the community to engage with the Museum’s mission.

The new permanent exhibit galleries will cover over 12,000 years of Waukegan natural and human history. The stories featured will bring to life vignettes that blend artifacts, imagery, and primary source narratives that center the lives and experiences of Waukegan residents past and present.

The project broke ground in October 2022, and the grand opening is currently planned for late 2023.

Waukegan Historical Society & Waukegan Park District
2000 SF
Waukegan, IL

Master Planning

Interpretive Planning

Content Development

Exhibit Design

Community Engagement

Board Engagement

Stakeholder Facilitation

Fundraising Support

"The Waukegan History Museum at the Carnegie will hold exciting new exhibits on Waukegan's history and natural resources with interactive spaces that will help visitors draw connections between history and their contemporary lives. It will be a vibrant, welcoming, educational space where visitors feel comfortable learning, exploring, asking questions and exchanging ideas."
Lori Nerheim, president of Waukegan Historical Society's board of directors
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