007 Science
Inventing the World of James Bond

007 Science: Inventing the World of James Bond is the inaugural exhibit delving into the science and technology of one of the longest-running movie franchises. Visitors to the exhibit discover how production teams employ real-world science to shape the stories’ cinematic adventures, while exploring iconic vehicles, spy contraptions, and props from the James Bond films.

On display are imaginative gadgets from the films alongside their real-life counterparts, such as the prototype jetpack from "Thunderball" presented adjacent to Gravity Industries’ Jet Suit. Movie fans can also step into a "Q"-inspired lab, where top secret field tech is engineered, and test their skills designing Secret Intelligence Service vehicles, executing daring stunts, and more.

In approaching the design for 007 Science, Luci Creative artfully revealed the scientific underpinnings of the world and gadgetry of James Bond. The design team worked closely with museum staff and Bond experts/prop collections owner EON Productions to keep true to the franchise’s brand voice. While the galleries maintain a level of sophistication and polish one might expect from the Bond films, an additional layer of scientific equations and notations brings the content to life in an accessible and playful manner.

Museum of Science and Industry
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