The Sustainability Center

The new Sustainability Center exhibit at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum strives to make sustainability accessible to individuals of all ages in Illinois, and fosters local engagement through interactives and resources that inspire community-driven initiatives for building resilient and sustainable communities. 

Visitors immerse themself in the interactive gallery showcasing actionable strategies to make a positive impact on the environment at home and within their communities. Patrons gain insights into the worldwide repercussions of sustainability practices through a captivating seven-foot-tall floating globe interactive. They also take a closer look at the interconnectedness of sustainable living by delving into four key components: food, water, economy and culture, and energy.

Adjacent to the interactive gallery, a resource center features a preserved moss wall in vibrant green hues. Guests can access additional information through a digital bookshelf curated by the Chicago Public Library, which evolves and remains current with the latest scientific research. Comfortable couches, tables, and bean bag chairs encourage visitors to linger and to delve deeper into the topic of environmental sustainability.

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum
1,500 SF
Chicago, IL

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