Voices of Genocide

Voices of Genocide is a groundbreaking exhibition transforming the field of genocide memory and education. This transformative exhibition explores genocides across time and regions, housed in seven distinct zones. You'll delve into the very definition of genocide, learning about Polish-Jewish lawyer Raphael Lemkin, who first coined the term. The exhibit goes further, examining the chilling factors that can lead to genocide and the hopeful path toward rebuilding after such atrocities.

Through powerful testimonies from survivors and descendants of genocides in Armenia, Guatemala, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rwanda, and Burma, Voices of Genocide sheds light on the common threads that led to these atrocities. By learning from these firsthand accounts, visitors gain the knowledge to recognize warning signs and become advocates for intervention and prevention.

In developing this exhibit, Luci Creative aimed to elevate the voices of survivors and descendants of genocides from around the world. The exhibit seeks to expand awareness, foster compassion and empathy, and empower visitors with the knowledge needed to prevent and respond to genocides, mass atrocities, and other human rights violations.

Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center
1,600 SF
Skokie, IL

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