U-505 Dive Trainer Interactive Experience
Gamifying history; an epic underwater story

Dive the submarine to keep the crew safe and to avoid enemy torpedoes. Are you up to the challenge?In the U-505 Dive Trainer simulation, visitors operate the iconic WWII German submarine. Sound, vibrations, and three large screens deliver the immersive interactive and place the visitor into the driver seat. Their mission: to avoid capture and evade destruction by enemy explosives.Our design was informed by extensive archival research and the U-505 submarine artifact itself. Together, with our partners and the museum, we created a truly interactive simulation of the U-505 submarine.The emotional impact of the exhibit can be experienced through modern technology.-EventMarketer

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago
1,200 SF
Chicago, IL

Interpretive Planning

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Exhibit Design

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The Dive Trainer stations provide considerable insight into what operating the U-505 might have been like for its crew. In a recreation of the sub’s control room, visitors are challenged to maneuver the sub through a controlled dive by adjusting the bow and stern dive planes, while evading torpedoes, depth charges, and catastrophic water pressure that could force the vessel to surface.
Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD)
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