Luci Creative was commissioned to redesign the CELL’s permanent exhibits, creating an interactive and updatable experience about this ever-changing subject matter. Our robust research process included interviews with law enforcement, former presidential advisors, policy think tanks, and stakeholders. We developed an exhibit to engage the public, educators, students, and the public safety community in cutting-edge discussions about the myths, realities, and the future of terrorism, public safety, and national security issues that affect us all.

Graphic installations, interactives, and contextualized stories of terrorism throughout history paint a picture of the past, present, and future. Armed with this knowledge, visitors are invited to join efforts to protect their communities in a media experience where they learn to identify signs of suspicious activity, and how to concurrently observe civil rights.

Counterterrorism Learning Lab
6,000 SF
Denver, CO

Master Planning

Content Development

Exhibit Design

Graphic Design

Lighting Design

Interactive Development

Media Development

Project Management


Fabrication Administration

Installation Oversight

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