Library Playspaces (Six Branches)
Have you ever wanted to follow a path, just to see where it goes?

Spokane Public Library patrons can step into a fantastical version of Spokane, entering an open-ended storybook world that unfolds across six new playspaces at branch locations across the city.

To build this imaginary world, Luci Creative collaborated with the Library to establish play, aesthetic, and narrative goals. Together, we dreamed up a fantasy reflection of Spokane that feels authentic and recognizable to library patrons – a hidden world that only children can discover. There are nearby themed areas for multi-generational interaction, collaboration, and programming. Through workshops and research about each neighborhood local to the branch, the community and region, Luci Creative developed environments flush with local character and based on cultural and natural features of Spokane.

From Moose’s Market to the Sasquatch Shack, each space outlines a story and contributes to a larger world of imagination and curiosity, while leaving ample room for children to fill in the details for themselves through imaginative and big body play. Custom illustrations and carefully considered playscapes draw connections between the spaces and bring this story to life across Spokane. With this unforgettable experience, Spokane Public Library encourages patrons to think of the library in a new way, and draws patrons to explore their city, visit all six locations, to craft their next story in Spokane’s hidden worlds.

Spokane Public Library
6,500 SF total
Spokane, WA

Concept Development

Space Planning

Exhibit Design

Custom Illustrations

Graphic Design

Project Management

Implementation Oversight

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