Rosalind Franklin University Tribute Wall
Commemorating a great female scientist and her life in discovery

Rosalind Franklin changed the world forever when she discovered the double helix structure of human DNA. A large 2-story tall tribute wall commemorates her scientific achievements and life at Rosalind Franklin University. The wall consists of a 25’ high by 40’ wide digitally printed graphic of Rosalind Franklin at her microscope. Featured prominently at the top of the wall is her famous Photo 51, the first ever image of human DNA. We developed graphic and written content for this exhibit and created a timeline of Rosalind Franklin’s life on a reading rail to celebrate a great woman scientist and to inspire current students. The rail was post-formed into a 15-degree twist that mimics the twist of human DNA.

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
North Chicago, IL

Environmental Design

Graphic Design

Implementation Oversight

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