Publishing House Experience
How Do You See the World?

Three years in the making, Luci Creative led the design and oversight of fabrication and installation for the Publishing House Redesign at the Christian Science Plaza in Boston.  Luci Creative worked closely with project stakeholders to define the vision for the multi-gallery experience, totaling 21,000 sq. ft. The vision process included client tours of museums, visitor centers, and art installations across the country to explore innovative methods for facilitating transformative experiences for the public.This work culminated in several unique and compelling interactive galleries arranged around the iconic Boston attraction, the Mapparium, a three-story immersive stained-glass globe. Content within each gallery explores the question: How Do You See the World? In collaboration with our partners, Luci Creative designed exhibits where visitors explore stories of progress in our world, encouraging personal connection to the space’s central question.

The visitor journey begins in the re-envisioned Welcome Hall where contemporary treatments seamlessly integrate with the building’s classic architecture. Projected imagery, dynamic lighting,  and music composed for the space all welcome visitors. Two centralized interactive tables introduce visitors to the Christian Science Publishing House and its globally-oriented approach to journalism.

A new audio and light show in the Mapparium updates this timeless experience and encourages connection with the global human story. After their Mapparium experience, visitors are invited to explore stories of progress across our world at a projection-mapped sculptural installation. At individual portrait monitors, visitors find stories from the Christian Science Monitor highlighting individuals who found ways to improve the world around them despite trying circumstances. Finally, visitors reflect and contribute their own thoughts and perspective to a beautiful wall of light and color.Adjacent spaces introduce the work of the Mary Baker Eddy Library, with an updateable interactive table highlighting items from their collection, and room for public programs and presentations.

A separate gallery shares the story of Christian Science and its founder, Mary Baker Eddy through artifacts and media. Historic books and documents with handwritten annotations are displayed using protective Smart Glass vitrines. Interactive projection-mapped books bring archival materials to life, animating and revealing the life and work of Mary Baker Eddy with each page turn. Visitors hear from contemporary Christian Scientists, and explore stories of the effect Christian Science has had from its founding to the present.

The First Church of Christ, Scientist
21,000 SF
Boston, MA

Master Planning

Creative Strategy

Content Development

Exhibit Design

Graphic Design

Artifact Case Design

Mount-Making & Mounting

Interactive Development

Media Development

Fabrication Oversight

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