Numbers in Nature: A Mirror Maze
Revealing the math in the natural world

Numbers in Nature exposes and explains the natural world’s familiar patterns: from the delicate nested seeds of a sunflower to the spirals in galaxies. Evocative media displays, interactive installations, and an 1,800 square foot mirror maze immerse the visitor inside the patterns found in nature, music, art, architecture, and even their own bodies.

With the Griffin Museum of Science and Industry, we developed, designed, and implemented this fully-immersive permanent exhibit. The design was inspired by the simple forms of nature – creating an exhibit that feels natural and reflective of the earth’s mathematic patterned story and connections.

This exhibit received the Best Museum Environment Silver Award by Event Design Magazine and won an IES Illumination Award of Merit in the Guth Award for Interior Lighting category.

Griffin Museum of Science and Industry
8,000 SF
Chicago, IL

Exhibit Master Planning

Interpretive Planning

Content Development

Exhibit Design

Graphic Design

Interactive Development

Production Management

Project Management

...The exhibit cleverly introduces mathematical concepts without hitting visitors over the head with complex equations, using naturally occurring examples like spiraling shells and the fractal branching of anthills to bring a sense of familiarity to the experience.
Time Out Chicago
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