National Music Museum
Museum Renovation and Expansion

In 2018, the National Music Museum (NMM) undertook a massive project, renovating and expanding their historic building to include a new performance hall, new labs, and more archival storage. Luci Creative was hired to re-imagine, design, fabricate, and install new permanent exhibits, now totaling 15,000 square feet of exhibit space across 13 galleries. Luci Creative was tasked with pushing the new museum forward, designing stories and experiences that will attract a whole new audience.

As part of this work, Luci’s Creative’s team has worked with the NMM’s curators to hone the key stories and select around 600 artifacts to display from a collection of over 15,000. From that basis, the team developed a new curatorial approach, designed to be accessible and engaging for new audiences while maintaining the depth of content that experts appreciate. Luci Creative designed galleries that built on this approach, combining stunning artifact displays, tactile and digital interactivity, and multimedia experiences to create a layered visitor experience within the historic space.

University of South Dakota
15,000 SF
Vermillion, SD

Master Planning

Interpretive Planning

Content Development

Exhibit Concepting

Community Engagement

Board Engagement

Stakeholder Facilitation

Fundraising Support

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