Mars: The Next Giant Leap

Winner of the ASTC Roy L. Shafter award for Visitor Experience!

As the first step in a new vision for the Carnegie Science Center, Luci Creative was hired to conceive, design, and build an exhibition on space exploration. Our team was tasked with creating  an experience that would establish the Carnegie Science Center as a highly relevant and immersive resource for important scientific conversations.

To rise to that challenge, Luci Creative began the exhibition process with numerous community conversations to understand what might be most relevant and engaging. Mars: The Next Giant Leap is based on the immense interest we heard in understanding how human life in space may be different — and in  many ways the same — as life on Earth.

Set in an environment that feels vast and futuristic yet familiar, this exhibit helps visitors explore, think critically, and use their creativity to imagine a Martian settlement many years into our future. Mars invites visitors to create a place where they feel connected and a world where they feel represented, to begin the important conversations that will shape the future of the Martian landscape. Rather than presenting visitors with the science then trying to convince them of its relevance, the exhibition takes the ideas that are already relevant and important to visitors and shows them how the science can help those ideas become reality.

Carnegie Science Center
7,500 SF
Pittsburgh, PA

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Interactive Development

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