Imagining the Future Museum

Through a collaborative approach with the Milwaukee Public Museum, Luci Creative developed an Interpretive Framework and Vision Book for the Institution as it moves to a new location. A primary goal of this this effort was to create a vision based on the intersection of nature and culture, leveraging the Museum’s reputation for immersive experiences while embracing new technologies. The Interpretive Framework emphasizes learning science by doing science, activating collections and giving visitors access to original research, and extends the Museum’s reach and programs beyond its walls.

To help the Museum achieve their goals, we spent eight months working with board members, staff, and community stakeholders. Everything from defining the Museum’s future goals and Core Themes, to considering diversity and inclusion, to concepting exhibits and programs reflecting the new vision was explored.

This project began three months before the COVID-19 pandemic, with in-person meetings, but moving into Spring 2020, online workshops didn’t slow our creative collaboration. The Museum and Luci Creative partnered with local community groups to continue important conversations with community stakeholders in a comfortable, yet virtual, format.

Milwaukee Public Museum
Milwaukee, WI

Master Planning

Interpretive Planning

Content Development

Exhibit Concepting

Community Engagement

Board Engagement

Multicultural Immersion Workshops

Stakeholder Facilitation

Fundraising Support

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