Heroes Hall Gallery
A fun, informative, and engaging display about local law enforcement

Full of play and interactivity, this experience is designed to introduce law enforcement’s role in communities, ignite curiosity for police work, and build trust between officers and citizens. Across three zones children join the police academy, go on a police patrol, and perform detective investigations. With hands-on learning opportunities children learn observation skills, practice dexterity and coordination with team interactives, “take” fingerprints and learn to match them, play the role of forensic scientist, and more! To provide a deep and familiar local connection, the exhibit design, content, and illustrations highlight the role of police in and surrounding the Decatur, Illinois community.

Children's Museum of Illinois
2,000 SF
Decatur, IL

Concept Development

Space Planning

Concept Design

Custom Illustrations

Content Development

Interactive Development

Graphic Design

Implementation Oversight

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