Healthy Me
A deeper investigation into the medical world for children and their caregivers.

Healthy Me has been a popular exhibit at the Children’s Discovery Museum (CDM) for years. Luci Creative was tasked with refreshing the entire exhibition, and worked closely with the CDM staff to create new interactives, update the medical information, and make the experience more inclusive and accessible.

The exhibit teaches children about general wellness and maintaining healthy habits. With subjects ranging from biology to body mechanics, diet to exercise, and the variety of roles played by health care workers, there is a lot to learn in this small, but entertaining, space. Additionally, a major goal of the redesign was to provide experiences where parents and caregivers are encouraged to engage and participate with their children. The exhibition is visually and physically designed to be approachable and welcoming to all, fostering an environment of learning and discovery for children of all ages, and their families.

Pops of vibrant color grounded in crisp white offer a fresh, clean aesthetic that is a stylized twist on real-world medical centers. The combination of wood and authentic medical materials brings warmth and realism to the 1,000 square foot space.

Children's Discovery Museum
1,000 SF
Normal, IL

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