First in War
War through the ears, eyes, and voices of soldiers

Through the trenches of WWI… Across Omaha Beach… Among the jungle in Vietnam… the First in War exhibit transports visitors through 50 years of military history.

Luci Creative was tasked with reinvisioning and updating this 20-year-old iconic exhibit. We carefully assessed the gallery content, artifacts, media, and environments and created a completely new visitor experience. With a new focused exhibit narrative, a new graphic program, an update to the thematic environments, new artifact cases, and new evocative media; the exhibit allows visitors to gain a deeper understanding and connection to our military’s history.

With our partners, Luci Creative led the content development and production of five compelling video experiences that take the visitor through each gallery, enhancing the visitor experience by amplifying the soldier’s voices and stories in WWI, WWII, the Cold War, and the Vietnam War.

First Division Museum
10,000 SF
Wheaton, IL

Master Planning

Creative Strategy

Content Research

Content Development

Interpretive Planning

Environments Design

Lighting Design

Universal Design

Graphic Design

Media Development and Production


Implementation Oversight

Project Management

A superbly done exploration of what it means to go to war, to be in war, to serve in a celebrated outfit that could be called on at any minute to keep the peace or end it.
Chicago Tribune
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