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The Next Door Foundation (NDF) serves under-resourced families in Milwaukee, ensuring thousands of children get a strong start to life through high quality, personalized early childhood education. Thanks to recent donations and a successful fundraising campaign, NDF was able to reimagine three of its early childhood learning spaces: a playroom for 0-3 year olds, a playroom for 3-4 year olds, and a library space. Luci Creative worked closely with the staff at NDF to create three immersive and inspirational learning environments for hundreds of children.Inspired by watercolor children’s book illustrations, the painterly, stylistic themes of Under the Sea, Outer Space, and Rainforest incorporate expressive hand-lettered typography, illustrations and a bold, energetic color palette for a playful and whimsical approach. Quotes from famous Black activists and writers as well as children characters are incorporated into the themes of the room to help create a sense of representation and inspiration. The rooms are constructed with elements for big body play, and dimensional animals and plants reflective of the subject matter, using layered substrates to bring the hand-painted illustrations to life.

Next Door Foundation
2,400 SF
Milwaukee, WI

Concept Development, Space Planning, Exhibit Design, Custom Illustrations, Graphic Design, Project Management, Implementation Oversight

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