Duty First
Bridging the gap between citizen and soldier

“On this specific day in May, our post was hit with mortars. We were given the coordinates. We sent two trucks to the area. Shortly after the trucks left the bridge there was a large explosion, frantic yelling over our radio…” Specialist Joe Naylor.

In a time when the military feels removed from the reality of most Americans, this exhibit strives to make meaningful connections between visitors and soldiers. This new permanent exhibit tells the 1st Infantry Division’s contemporary story from 1970 to today, and into the future.

Luci Creative developed an exhibit that breaks a 55-year chronological story into thematic exhibit zones: Deterrence, Battle, Peacekeeping, Counterinsurgency, and Military Assistance. Visitors are invited to explore the story in any order.

With our media and interactive partners, we developed powerful multi-layered installations that allow visitors to interact with soldiers and their families, virtually experience a house raid, learn what peacekeeping means, and witness a battle from the Gulf War. Each of these encounters connect visitors with contemporary soldiers and their experiences. As visitors exit, an interactive poll connects citizens with their responsibilities in relation to the military and in ways they can impact our armed forces.

First Division Museum
3,200 SF
Wheaton, IL

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The museum doesn’t hammer home patriotism. It doesn’t need to. What’s underscored here is deeper than wearing an American flag pin in a lapel, say. It’s something fundamental to the idea of the nation.
Chicago Tribune
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