Boston Holocaust Museum

The Boston-based Holocaust Legacy Foundation (HLF) is spearheading the creation of Boston’s first Holocaust Museum, continuing its mission to preserve and perpetuate the memory of the Holocaust for future generations. Prominently situated on the northeast corner of Boston Common, the future museum will serve as a center for Holocaust exhibits and education, with interactive and cautionary experiences for students, visitors, and the Boston community.

As the exclusive museum planning and exhibit design firm for the project, Luci Creative is working in collaboration with the building’s architect, Schwartz/Silver, to develop a unique design approach that will impart the lessons of this complicated story through environments that combine historical exploration with moments of contemplation. The museum’s seven galleries will lead visitors through the narrative of the Holocaust, highlighting connections to contemporary issues. Winikur Productions is partnered with Luci Creative to develop innovative multimedia experiences throughout the exhibits, including the Dimensions in Testimony theater where visitors can engage in a conversation with a Holocaust survivor through hologram technology.

The museum is in the early stages of master planning and building programming, and is scheduled to open in 2026.

Holocaust Legacy Foundation
32,700 SF
Boston, Massachusetts

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