The USGA Experience

The United States Golf Association (USGA) recently broke ground on its newest campus, Golf House Pinehurst. The Club will include The USGA Experience, the USGA Golf Museum Special Exhibitions, and other exterior interpretive elements. Luci Creative has been working with the USGA and owner representative, Zubatikin, on the design of the new exhibits and visitor experiences.

The USGA Experience will be the cornerstone of the Golf House Pinehurst campus. 4,000 square feet of permanent exhibits will shed light on the USGA’s history and logistics, and will provide an immersive view of golf and the USGA’s work to unify, showcase, govern, and advance the game. In addition to the lobby exhibits and retail area, The USGA Experience will have two major galleries, The Science of Golf and Championship.

In the Championship gallery, visitors will see a “crown jewel” display of replica trophies, heroic portraiture celebrating USGA champions, and interactive media displays teaching visitors what it takes to qualify for and compete in a USGA championship. Additionally, there will be an immersive theater with behind-the-scenes event processes and planning videos.

The Science of Golf exhibits teach visitors how the USGA’s research and engineering work has improved the game of golf through advancements in equipment and course design, with an impact on golf courses and communities around the globe. Through an array of graphics and digital and physical interactives, visitors explore everything from the math and physics behind a golf club swing, to how greens are maintained, to the design of a golf ball.

Luci Creative is currently completing the design documentation, with the new campus and its exhibits scheduled for a grand opening in late 2023.

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There is such excitement in the organization for what this opportunity can be that people are anxious to get to work. We want to mobilize and bring that vision to life.
Rand Jerris
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