The Trails: The Streets at Southpoint

With hills to climb, tents to crawl through, and streams to cross, The Trails playspace at the Streets at Southpoint mall brings make-believe camping to a vibrant shopping destination. Geared to families with young children, the space provides engaging and educational interactive experiences with music, patterns, and colors. Hand-painted, whimsically woodsy structures establish safe and fun pathways for children and their caretakers to imagine and explore.

Luci Creative worked with Brookfield Properties to establish play and educational goals, and to understand the operational needs of the shopping mall’s open area. Our internal creative team developed a play concept based on the local environment, designing and building a one-of-a-kind space with storybook-inspired interpretations of the natural world. This colorful setting provides a space where children can hike, climb, and crawl through a vibrant, imagined world. Original scenic elements complete this immersive space, including mountains, trees, and a cast of animal characters, all designed and painted by our creative and artistic team.

Brookfield Properties
2,200 SF
Durham, NC

Concept Development

Space Planning

Exhibit Design

Custom Illustrations

Graphic Design

Project Management

Implementation Oversight

Sponsor Integration

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