Reservoir Center for Water Solutions

With the opening of Washington, DC's new Reservoir Center on the Capitol riverfront, Xylem is creating a hub of communication and collaboration for stakeholders focusing on pressing issues related to global water sustainability, security, and affordability. The Reservoir Center brings together a community of people unified in a common purpose: creating solutions to solve the world's urgent water challenges.

Through a number of visitor experience elements, the Reservoir Center focuses on four key themes: the stakes, the issues, the solutions, and the people. Luci Creative worked closely with Xylem and project stakeholders to develop content, messaging, and visitor flow throughout the building to deliver the water crisis information into digestible parts while emphasizing that each piece is connected.

When visitors enter the lobby, they experience the beauty of water in motion through a two-story digital representation of cascading falls, an expression of the importance of water moving through our lives and sustaining our planet. From the reception area to a multi-purpose room, the big idea communicated throughout the building helps visitors understand the importance and urgency of the Center's mission. Luci Creative designed the different spaces in the Reservoir Center to address specific pieces of content, ensuring that visitors see the whole story as they move through the building and are invited to take part in the Center's work.

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