Powering Lives
A ComEd Community Center

The 10,000 square foot Powering Lives: A ComEd Community Center showcases the future of clean sustainable energy and the role of everyday people in creating that future. From dynamic media pieces and hands-on interactives, ComEd customers, STEM students, and energy professionals learn about ComEd’s role in powering their lives and the many ways they can save energy, money, and the planet. With specialized STEM-focused interactives and a VR experience, the exhibits invite students to exercise critical thinking skills in solving energy-related challenges alongside ComEd professionals. The Community Center strengthens ComEd’s brand, establishing it as an energy innovator, and helps ComEd recruit its future workforce.

In order to create the vision for the Community Center, Luci Creative engaged ComEd’s executives to understand the strategic goals for the center. During a four month long research process, our team facilitated over fifty interviews with internal and external stakeholders. Based on our research, we developed content criteria for the space, which we used to drive design and experience development. The Center’s flexible design allows it to function as both an exhibit space and an event space, accommodating up to 200 people in theater-style seating and a state-of-theart presentation set-up.

10,000 SF
Chicago, IL

Master Planning

Category Benchmarking

Community Focus Groups

Interpretive Planning

Concept Development

Exhibit Design

Experience Design

Lighting Design

Interactive Development

Space Planning

Programming Budgeting

Fabrication Oversight

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