Dialysis Museum
Northwest Kidney Centers

For over 60 years, Northwest Kidney Centers has been a leader in kidney disease treatment as a patient-oriented, not-for-profit, community resource providing equitable care for all. To celebrate the organization’s history, and the journey through the evolution of dialysis therapy, Luci Creative worked with the organization's leadership and stakeholders to revamp and relocate its history museum. The updated museum not only shares historical knowledge but showcases the healing and health journey of the patient, keeping them at the center of the story.

The museum not only displays iconic photos and artifacts but also features a collection of dialysis machines and equipment that have played pivotal roles in the development of this life-saving treatment. Visitors delve into the pivotal role played in pioneering and disseminating dialysis therapy worldwide.

With 15 vintage and contemporary dialysis machines, the museum provides visitors with a unique opportunity to witness the progression of this medical technology over time. Among the notable artifacts on display is the Mini Monster, also known as Mini-I, which was developed at the University of Washington for the world's inaugural home dialysis patient. Additionally, visitors can marvel at the original Scribner shunt, the groundbreaking blood access device that transformed the treatment of kidney failure for generations to come.

Northwest Kidney Centers
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Burien, WA
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