Awaken Into Spirit Experience

With its headquarters located in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the Fetzer Institute’s mission is to help build a spiritual foundation for a loving world. Luci Creative was invited to design an experience, adjacent to the headquarters’ lobby that would share the Fetzer story and convey the Institute's greater message. Through this process, Luci Creative facilitated cross-organizational group conversations to collect and align the thoughts and visions among the Fetzer community.

The 1,000 square foot space is aglow in vivid hues and warm tones, inspired by regional nature and connected to the Institute’s brand colors. Graphics, images, and artifacts throughout the space touch on the history of the organization, founded by broadcast pioneer and Detroit Tigers baseball team owner, John E. Fetzer, but also on the Institute’s contemporary approach, community, and outreach.

The central focus of the room is designed to encourage dialogue. A tree, with its roots visible in a patchwork of small stones, towers to an opening in the ceiling. More than two dozen glowing lanterns hang from branches at various heights, holding messages from visitors. Visitors are asked to consider the questions, “How can you help build a more loving world for all?” and “What makes you feel connected?” On slips of translucent paper, responses are written and placed into the lanterns for others to read.

Luci Creative worked closely with the architecture firm, SmithGroup, to ensure that the exhibit elements were thoughtfully integrated with the aesthetics of the interior architecture, as well as coordinated with electrical, mechanical and life safety systems.

The Fetzer Institute
1,000 SF
Kalamazoo, MI

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