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Pittsburgh’s Moonshot Museum Announces Completion of Museum Concept, Unveils Final Exhibit Designs
Moonshot Museum
October 13, 2021
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Moonshot Museum, opening Summer 2022 in Pittsburgh’s Northside as the first space museum in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania unveils new, completed work on its design concept with photoreal renderings and a video sneak peek of its upcoming exhibitions.

“We’re building a museum like no other, and we’re thrilled to finally share a look at what the future holds for Moonshot Museum,” said Sam Moore, the Museum’s executive director. “We can’t wait to take Pittsburgh on a mission to the Moon with this innovative, immersive, and cutting-edge experience. Using human creativity and state-of-the-art technology, we will connect young people across our community and the nation with endless opportunity that exists in the 21st century space industry.”

Renderings for the Museum, co-located at space robotics company Astrobotic, showcase an unparalleled look into today’s $450 billion space industry. From expansive floor to ceiling windows looking into Astrobotic’s spacecraft assembly Clean Room, to the Moonshot Theater where visitors will get an inside look at how space impacts everyday life, guests will be immersed in lunar-inspired environments including a Lab, the Moon’s Surface, and a futuristic Lunar Habitat.

“Because the Moonshot Museum is co-located at Astrobotic, visitors will have access to all the contributors who make space exploration happen—engineers, lawyers, writers, designers. They build real spacecraft just steps away from the museum and are eager to inspire visitors, lead tours, and give expert presentations at the museum,” says John Thornton, Astrobotic CEO and Moonshot Museum board chair.

In addition to experiencing the construction of actual spacecraft up close, Moonshot Museum visitors of all ages will embark on their own simulated missions to the Moon, taking on challenges directly connected to the work of the space industry. The immersive, digital exhibition concept was developed in close collaboration with partners and community members, including Pittsburgh-area educators, students, and space industry experts.

In tandem with unveiling exhibition themes and renderings, Moonshot Museum today launched a new website at where the public can watch a new preview video for the Museum, learn more about the Museum’s exhibitions and programs, and access virtual content ahead of the Museum’s opening in Summer 2022.

Moonshot Museum is currently in the midst of a $2.7 million capital campaign to support the development and construction of this innovative museum space and has contracted with leading exhibition and experiential design firm Luci Creative to complete its vision.  The Museum is seeking donations to support its programming and operations in the year ahead.

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